PVL Cutting Set, 90° torch

PVL Cutting Set, 90° torch

PVL Cutting Set Comprises:
- 1x PVL Torch
- 3x Regulator (2x O2, 1x Map Gas)
- 50mtr 9mm Hoses (2x O2, 1x Gas Hose)
- Igniting Device
- Nozzle Replacement Wrench

The PVL underwater cutting torch is the result of more than 10 years of development and testing under highly diverse conditions.
This demanding process has led to the new model torch, which works appreciably faster and more efficient than conventional underwater cutting torches.

Two models are available: a 55° torch and a 90° torch.

The sole difference lies in the torch angle. Your choice of model depends on your personal preference.
The advantages of PVL underwater cutting torches:
- Unrivalled user convenience. Besides the torch, you require only oxygen and propylene gas.
- No complicated burner settings, all settings are standard.
- Faster than conventional cutting torches.
- Competitively priced
- Low operating costs
- Fast and expert service.

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PVL Cutting Set, 90° torch
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