MK4 Jump Jacket

MK4 Jump Jacket

The Mk.4 has been designed specifically for surface air and mixed gas diving and is the only commercial BCD of its type to incorporate a full-recovery diving harness, helmet-retaining safety harness and bailout backpack.

The emphasis has been placed heavily on safety and efficiency, allowing the diver greater flexibility underwater without drawing on emergency energy levels.

Key Advantages
Total Buoyancy Control, Comfort and Diver Mobility:
Direct Approach to the work-site
Greater Mobility at the work site
Offers significant Work-time Savings
Diver Safety:
Diver 2 Diver emergency buddy breathing from one umbilical supply
Rapid Diver Recovery - complete buoyancy control enables a much faster recovery to the bell than if one or both divers are negatively buoyant
Front and Rear Harness Lifting Points facilitate recovery into the bell and diver resuscitation


Key Features
Primary buoyancy-gas supply fed via a Swagelok quick-connect hose from the helmet side-block
Secondary pneumo buoyancy-gas supply
Tertiary buoyancy-gas supply from twin-cylinder bail-out supply
3 Over-pressure / Dump Valves – one at each shoulder and one at the lower rear
Integral Diving Harness with front and back lifting points for diver recovery
Supercam twinset camband system offers the ability to mount a twin-cylinder bailout set on the diver’s back
Helmet-retaining Safety Harness


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MK4 Jump Jacket
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MK4 Jump Jacket
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MK4 Jump Jacket
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MK4 Jump Jacket
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