Hycon 1x30 l.p.m./max. 160 bar (HPP18E)

Hycon 1x30 l.p.m./max. 160 bar (HPP18E)

HYCON HPP18E is equipped with a powerful 11 kW motor.

It is mostly used indoor. Typically the customers are professional companies specialized in drilling/cutting concrete, who use ø400/ø450 mm cut-off saws, diamond chain saws and ring saws. Also widely used for ground water lowering.

In spite of the strong motor, the HPP18E is a compact powerpack easy to transport in any van. It is very strongly built, and can work even under the toughest conditions, because the motor and the electric box are approved for IP55 and IP54, respectively.

HPP18E has a slow start function reducing the load during starting. It needs no water cooling as it has integrated oil cooler, which is a great advantage - especially in the winter time.

Technical Data
Oil flow: 1x30 l.p.m. 
Max. pressure: 160 Bar
Motor: 11kW 25A /3x400V 50 Hz
Flow: Fixed
Weight: 128 kg
Noise level 1 m LPA: 86 dB
Noise level LWA: 98 dB
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