Gasoline Powered Cavitational Cleaning System, 36ltr/min@230bar

Gasoline Powered Cavitational Cleaning System, 36ltr/min@230bar

Powerful mobile pressure unit (Gasoline powered) with zero-thrust cavitation gun for safe and efficient underwater cleaning.

Plug and Play system comes with:

- High Pressure Unit: Petrol driven, 2 cilinder Aircooled Honda GX690, 4 wheels with air tyres, Max 1500rpm;
Strong, lightweight frame, max. pressure 9,5gal/min @ 3335psi (36ltr/min@230bar), CE certified, Gearbox driven pump, Electrical starting, No engine-oil safety device (oil-alert), Big water filter at pump inlet, readily serviceable cartridge type, Pressure release valve for dry shutoff guns, Weight 355lbs (160kg), Dimensions L x W x H: 39"x32"x33" (1000x820x850mm)

- RVG250 Zero-Thrust Cavitation Gun

- 50mtr 1/2"HP Rubber hose with fittings (longer length available on request

Rental rates*:
DAY: € 263,00 ex VAT
WEEK (7 days): € 920,00 ex VAT
> WEEK: please contact us

* rates are excluding shipping cost. Pledge might apply!

About cavitational cleaning:

Cavitation is the formation of vapor cavities in a liquid. These Nano voids are formed in the water when it’s subjected to rapid changes of pressure and will implode when they hit the cleanable surface. The voids create high energetic shockwaves when they implode, which easily remove all dirt, fouling and deposits attached to the cleanable surface. A cavitation jet reaches further and is most effective at a safe distance from the nozzle. Cavitation cleaning is also done with less pressure and is therefore safer and more efficient.

With this system you can clean surfaces, deposits and materials with the highest efficiency, and with the total conservation of coatings and materials of the cleanable surfaces

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Gasoline Powered Cavitational Cleaning System, 36ltr/min@230bar
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